Eco-friendly design and new ecological ideas for furniture

Eco & you offers cardboard furniture and accessories, for a flexible, healthy and sustainable space. It presents smart solutions, eco friendly furnitures designed for you to create unique small spaces, to set up an office in your apartment, to decor temporary rooms, corner shops, museums and bars.
Our corrugated cardboard goods are ideal for you to set up parties and events with practical and fast solutions, or to give your baby an eccentric playroom. Thinking about corrugated cardboard and imagine a box is almost automatic.
Maybe someone with little more imagination can visualize a pizza-box. Few people, very few, think that the cardboard is also an excellent material for economic and eco-friendly design products. If one day in your mind, at the word cardboard, you’ll immagine a table lamp, a chair or a tea table, our mission will be considered accomplished.

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