The Eco & You is a brand of sustainable cardboard furniture of Lic Packaging Group.
The mission of Eco & You is to produce modular cardboard furniture and handy accessories that are totally respectful of Nature. All products are manufactured using low-impact technologies that reduce energy consumption in the production process.

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The design and quality features make Eco & You products practical furnishing solutions for offices, commercial spaces, hotels, fairs and exhibitions, shops, and the home.
Eco & You also specialize in producing furniture for kids.

All of our products are made using recycled paper fibres and FSC® Certified cardboard that guarantees our wood-based materials are traceable and sourced from controlled and sustainably managed forests.  We use natural additives and vegetable-based glues, making our furniture healthy for the environment and biodegradable.

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All the products are 100{cc9e54c1ae670e0b0592b7a5e1ae520eebbe8744da8779240ff49fb732ca7a30}  Made in Italy, proudly designed by the creative-duo Filippini & Ravera.