Date: April 2014
Location: Cascina Cuccagna, Milan

Fuorisalone 2014

During the 53th edition of FuoriSalone Milan Design Week, Eco& You curates the set-up of the exhibition GOODESIGN2014 UP (promoted by Cascina Cuccagna and Best Up) with “Avventure di Cartone”, a cardboard furniture project thought up to get the concepts of eco-sustainability and responsible growth across to children.

“The greatest satisfaction we’ve got was seeing children play with our products. They sit around Victoria table playing and drawing, enchanted by the colors and the rounded outlines of our furniture. The felts so natural giggling together as well as they were in their room… Even parents was pleasantly surprised by thousand ways to use cardboard!”
“Matisse is the unchallenged ruler of the outfitting. You are dazzled by the color effects and the countless outlines overlaps you can combine with this modular bookcase”

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